WireGuard: The next generation VPN perfect for Android?

Many Internet users cannot imagine using it without a VPN. On the market we will find a lot of software that is to ensure the best and most convenient access to a virtual private network. However, most of the available solutions have many shortcomings that seem to be eliminated by the new, secure tunneling protocol – WireGuard.

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According to XDA Developers, the solution to problems digesting OpenVPN is to be WireGuard, which is called the new generation of VPN – it consists of 3782 lines of code, which, compared to OpenVPN (116.7 thousand lines), will significantly shorten security audits. Less advanced users should be happy with the information that configuration and starting using WireGuard is much more efficient compared to importing certificates for OpenVPN.

WireGuard should be primarily of interest to Android users: it is even created for mobile devices. It does not drain the battery as much as most other types of VPN. In addition, it allows you to move freely between different addresses: Wi-Fi networks and cellular connections.

An application has already appeared that allows you to use WireGuard on Android. It is currently being tested, but anyone interested can install it. The application interface is simple and allows you to manually configure VPN, add data from a file and quickly check the connection status.

Full WireGuard capabilities are available when this VPN has a native operating system implementation. In this regard, the developer community centered around XDA, the goal was to integrate WireGuard directly with ROMs – for now, this applies to Sultanxda for OnePlus 3 / 3T.

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