Windows will allow easy access to Linux files from Windows Subsystem for Linux

Using tools from Linux on Windows will soon be easier. We already have Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows you to run on Windows – Linux system .. without virtualization. In test compilations of Windows 10, we can also easily access Linux files from File Explorer.

Windows / Linux

The Linux file system will be mounted in the same way as network shares and external media. We find it on the sidebar of the Explorer, where it was marked with a small penguin. On this virtual disk we can see, delete and edit all files of Linux distributions installed on Windows. The novelty was included in the compilation of 20H1 Windows 10, available for testers saved to the Windows Insider program. For the stable version this feature will hit with the spring update in 2020 (probably in April). You can interact with files also from the command line and scripts – we are not limited to the graphical file manager.

The Italian website of HTNovo cites an entry on Twitter, mentioning the compilation 18836 – it also contained the change described above. The File Explorer allowed you to connect to the virtual network share \ WSL $ . However, this feature has been disabled – it may have appeared in this compilation by mistake.

If you want to try Linux on Windows 10, use the Microsoft instructions to enable the subsystem. You can download distributions from the Mictosoft Store: Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, SLES, Kali Linux and Debian GNU / Linux.

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Microsoft instructions to enable the subsystem

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