Twitter stores “deleted” user messages from several years

Sometimes you’ve probably deleted a message on Facebook or Twitter. Of course, until recently it still meant removing it only on the side of the sender. The recipient could also do it. But will removing it make it impossible for anyone, even after entering our account, to read it? And it turned out that you can still see them on Twitter.

As in the case of messages on Facebook, DM (Direct Messages) on Twitter are stored for a long time – even many years back. To retrieve them, simply download the archived account details. This was proven by security researcher Karan Saini, who discovered that even messages sent to and from deleted or suspended accounts can be recovered without any problem.

The problem is that Twitter does not clearly inform the user that his messages are not really deleted, but only hidden from him. This can be a really serious mistake in the era of increasing attention to the privacy of users.

On the other hand, this example once again warns us directly: nothing is lost on the web. Even if the page that stores your information tells you that it has been deleted, you are not sure about it. Therefore, be careful what you post online and always think twice.


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