Torrent sites – what is the current situation in 2019?

Times when torrent sites were one of the most popular websites on the Internet have long since passed. Convenient, and at the same time affordable access to movies, series and games via various distribution platforms made torrents, P2P and broadly understood piracy in the network slowly die off. Despite the decline in interest in these websites, they are still a source of materials that are sometimes unavailable in normal distribution. Censorship, regional constraints, blockades and other factors mean that some Internet users still use torrents.

From time to time, websites devoted to new technologies circulate information that the popular torrent service has been closed or the authorities of one of the countries have stopped its creator. The battle of services with torrent sites has been going on for many years. Once very popular sites such as ExtraTorrent, Kickass Torrents, Torrent Project or Torrenty.org have long since disappeared from the web.

In addition to legal sources, the popularity of illegal streaming services (which some users do not know may use P2P technology for data transmission) also underscore the decline in interest in torrents.

What are the most popular sites in 2019?

In terms of the popularity of sites with torrents in recent years there have been quite large changes. All because of the fact that many sites from the absolute top have been closed by owners or services of different countries. However, the Internet hates the vacuum and the users of the best platforms have gone to other websites.

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As a certain determinant of the popularity of websites (though not 100% accurate), you can take Alexa’s ranking. And it was on the basis of him that we analyzed torrent sites to determine what is the current world top 5 in terms of popularity.

BestTorrents.Club – Torrent Search Engine

The Pirate Bay
This site is a kind of legend. It has been operating for 15 years and has defended itself against closure by the authorities throughout this time. There is probably no second torrent search engine, which would change the domain address just like Pirate Bay as often.

It is a website that specializes in video materials and has been successfully operating and operating without interruptions since 2008.

This website has gained traffic in recent years mainly due to the closure of other, more popular sites with torrents.

It is the successor and unofficial clone of the extremely popular Torrentz site, which operated in 2003-2016.

This is a site that has grown up in the popularity of YTS YIFY groups that release torrents. Despite the separation of YIFY from the site, this is the fifth most popular website in this subject in the world.

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