Top 6 tools for Windows

This application package includes programs that help you clean up your computer, convert video recordings and provide remote assistance to others. It is worth using them.

An alternative to Windows window manager

Here you will find such programs as “Total Commander” and “Open-Shell”. The first one is a real classic, which is constantly being developed – it is a brilliant alternative to the simple “Explorer built into Windows”. Thanks to the view of two windows and the support of advanced keyboard shortcuts, many file operations can be performed much faster. “Open-Shell” is a great addition for people who want to use Windows 10 from the classic “Start Menu” view, which is more friendly, because it is known from older versions of the system.

Total Commander – file manager with a huge number of options

The latest edition of the best file manager, a program that makes it easy to manage a large number of files and folders on your hard drive and other media. TC is great for copying, moving, searching and deleting files. It has a lot of configuration options, several view modes, support for plugins, and also offers FTP client functions. Worth noting is also the function of saving in the form of a log of all performed operations on files. In relation to older versions from a few years ago, much more modern icons have been introduced that are much more eye-catching.

Download from – https://ghisler.com

Open-Shell – improvements in the start menu and in the Windows user interface

It is the successor of the abandoned Classic Shell project. Open-Shell gives Windows 10 and 8 users the opportunity to restore the classic look of the Start menu. In the program settings, we have three styles of the Start menu: classic, classic with two columns or known from Windows 7. The program also offers the ability to change the appearance of the Start button, support skins and many improvements and changes in the Windows user interface. We can sort the applications available in the start menu, activate the list of recently launched programs and opened documents. We can choose all kinds of extensions when installing Open-Shell.

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Download from – https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu/releases

CCleaner – the best tool for cleaning the system

The most popular program to clean your computer from cluttering files. Removes unnecessary temporary files, internet browsing history, cookies, files from the recycle bin, memory dumps, system restore points, file fragments, log files, application data and the history of automatic completion, cleans the system cache. It offers modules for managing programs that run when the system starts, uninstalling programs, searching for duplicate files, and cleaning the Windows registry from unnecessary and incorrect entries.

Download from https://www.ccleaner.com/download

BleachBit – a fast program for disk cleaning and erasing files

A program for freeing disk space. BleachBit recognizes and deletes temporary files created by Windows and over 90 popular programs, such as web browsers, email programs, office suites, multimedia players and many more. The program also offers advanced features to destroy files so that they can not be recovered (Shred). BleachBit is developed as an Open Source project and does not contain advertising.

HandBrake – an efficient, excellent converter with support for many formats

Universal video file converter, rips movies from DVDs, copes well with fast converting video files to MP4, MKV, H.264, H.265 and, for example, VP8. One of the advantages of HandBrake is the hardware acceleration of video coding (Intel Quick Sync Video), significantly accelerating the conversion process. For ease of use, the creators have included pre-made predefined settings for different devices. Thanks to this, all you have to do is choose only the ready template from the list and submit the conversion material. We can also create our own profiles if our equipment is not on the list.

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TeamViewer – advanced tool for remote control and help

The most popular program for remote computer control via the Internet. TeamViewer allows you to establish an Internet connection with any computer and remotely control it (as if we were sitting at it), enabling us, for example, to easily provide help and giving access to files and other resources accumulated in it. The free version of the program is intended for non-commercial purposes. Interestingly, we can also install a mobile version of the application on your smartphone and thus control the computer.

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