The new YouTube feature will protect you from fake news when you search for a video

Fake news are becoming more common and constitute a great weapon in the information war. As a large number of people still think that everything on the Internet is true, it is extremely easy to spoil the reputation of a phenomenon, thing or company with one viral false information. Of course, you must fight this and it is primarily the task of technological giants, because they have the best conditions for this (and reasons). Google understands this very well and is just starting testing the next YouTube function.

The new protection against fake news on YouTube will make us informed about false reports at the time of the search. The function is available only for a small group of people from India who use English or Hindi. Its operation is presented in this example:

In this case, you searched for information about the virus in paracetamol (a popular painkiller). The app has information on popular fake news on the subject. Therefore, it displays a warning to the user that it is a viral rumor that has been classified as a false report.

fake news

The information that YouTube uses is to come from a variety of trusted sources, as well as links to Wiki pages of known conspiracy theories (flat land, false landing on the moon).

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