The new Chrome beta brings a small but useful improvement

Google Chrome is one of the most important applications for most Android users. Although there are plenty of browsers for mobile, the basic option for many remains the one that they use for years. And that Google Chrome is a browser with a lot of advantages – I’m not surprised that they are not looking for alternatives. The more so because it perfectly synchronizes with computers – so the package is always brighter. Like Google Maps, Chrome is constantly offering us new packages of new products. What went into the beta this time? A few nice improvements that will surely please all users of the browser.

Google Chrome / Android

The first of the changes is to ensure that users can copy … addresses more conveniently. The issue of editing, copying or pasting text on touch panels has been a problematic aspect for years. Apparently there is nothing complicated about it, but it is uncomfortable to use. The new version of Chrome wants to offer a simple streamlining of the process, thanks to quick actions in the address field. Filling in the forms and still will not be one of the most convenient, but after selecting the address bar, a toolbox will appear in which three commands will be available at your fingertips: copying, sharing and editing the currently selected address. I have no idea why we have been waiting for this option for so long, but I guarantee that I can not wait to implement it. Although I still prefer browsing on the computer, especially when using more tabs – such small-big things will allow you to dramatically improve the comfort of using this browser.

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Google Chrome / Android
Google Chrome / Android

The new beta is already available on the Google Play platform, where you can download it in the universal version for free.


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