Sharp Donald Trump’s words after meeting with Google’s boss

Google is a company that has absolute power on the Internet on many levels. Corporate domination is not indifferent to the US government, which is why Donald Trump met with the boss of Google to discuss the contracts and partnership.

The President of the United States informed on Twitter that the meeting with Sundar Pichai ended very well. Trump is known for his controversial publications, and his tweets usually look spontaneous. This time it was similar.

“He declared (Pichai – editorial note) that he is completely devoted to the American army, not to the Chinese,” wrote Trump.

Google comments a bit differently. In a statement sent to The Verge, the corporation wrote that the talks concerned investing in the future of the American workforce, developing new technologies and engaging in cooperation with the US government.

It’s no surprise that Trump wants to use Google to pursue his policy. It is worth recalling, however, that official government contracts have not always been enthusiastically implemented by Google.

The online giant withdrew, for example from the Maven project, which was carried out jointly with the Department of Defense. The Pentagon research initiative was related to the analysis of video materials from drones – at the time many Google employees objected that the company should not deal with technologies that could be used in the future for warfare.

On the other hand, representatives of the American army criticized the work on a special edition of Google search in line with Chinese censorship requirements (the Dragonfly project). The initiative was canceled after the workers’ protest.

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