Opera VPN will get even better

The company announces the improvement of functions.

Opera is the only web browser integrated with the VPN service. Thanks to this, the user can instantly change his virtual location to be able to use the content of websites intended for other regions. It’s also a good way to mask your actions online.

Opera has just announced that the service will be improved with the release marked with number 50. The beta version has already hit the company’s servers and is available for download for those interested.

The most important change will be the acceleration of the VPN. Until now, the service was provided by SurfEasy LLC, but recently the company was bought by Symantec. For this reason, Opera decided to move to their own servers.

Thanks to this, the VPN in the browser will be provided from the beginning to the end by Opera. This will contribute, among other things, to more efficient operation. However, the method of region selection will change.

Until now, users had one of several countries around the world at their disposal. Together with Opera 50 VPN, it will allow you to choose the region from the optimal location, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Improved search
Using a VPN means that the search results can be displayed in a different language. The search engine associates the IP address and assigns it a specific location. This is a problem for most VPN services.

Opera, however, solved it differently. After switching to the default VPN search engine it will be temporarily turned off, thanks to which the search engine will correctly recognize our location. When enabled, any other VPN site will be activated automatically. Users will of course be able to disable this feature directly from the options.

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These changes will be visible with the premiere of Opera 50. Currently this release is in beta testing.

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