mIRC with a serious bug. For those who still use it, it is recommended to quickly update

Before Slack, Messenger, or “ICQ”, IRC was very popular. Internet Relay Chat, invented in 1988, is one of the oldest Internet services, allowing you to communicate in text in 1-to-1 conversations and on group channels, also with the possibility of moderating and joining chat conversations.

The service is used today to communicate in many communities. QuakeNet is still in operation, designed for players in Quake, and many open source programmers use the Freenode channels.

mirc IRC client
mirc Client

I am writing this because one of the most popular IRC clients has a serious bug and network administrators recommend updating as soon as possible. It is about the mIRC program – an IRC client for Windows, developed since 1995. Users on the freenode network received a global notification from administrators:

[Global Notice] Hi all, those of you using mIRC to connect should update as soon as possible due to a security issue affecting 7.54 and below; see https://www.mirc.com/news.html for further information

All client versions, except those issued on February 8, 7.55, are at risk. There is a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in them that allows unauthorized execution of malicious code in specific situations (CVE-2019-6453). Little is known about the gap itself. The descriptions we find in the vulnerability records do not say anything about it.

In addition, several minor errors have been corrected in mIRC 7.55. One of the problems with the / onotice command, which did not work properly in certain situations, and the presentation of nicknames of people present on the channel during joining him. When clearing the conversation history, empty folders will also be deleted. Certificates have been updated in the cacert.perm file and the IRCv3 protocol support has been extended.

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Download mirc ! – Click Here

Check below video….how to start up mIRC, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Learn how to set a server, join a room, and change your nick.

This is how to start up mIRC, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Learn how to set a server, join a room, and change your nick.
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