How to split or merge files ?

Hey, today I will show you how to split and merge any files. Sometimes you have big txt file and you would like to split this file on to smaller parts. There is free software to do this, unfortunately tool is not in English language, it looks like it is polish language.

How to split file on smaller parts

This small tool looks like above, so to split file you need to select this button 

and just choose your big file which you would like to split, then select output folder and on how many parts you want to split file

and click this button

🙂 after few seconds (depends how big file is) you should get in your output folder xx parts of your main file.

How to merge files

If you would like to merge files just select this tab

next click on this button and select files which you would like to merge

select output folder

and click “Polacz pliki”

that’s all your files should be merged.

Download this tool from our website – http://soundsagacity.com/soundgupme/2018/12/splitmergefiles.zip

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