Group live broadcasts enter “Twitch” – get to know “Squad Stream”.

Twitch decided to introduce to his platform quite an interesting opportunity to conduct group live broadcasts. The website’s representatives in the blog post about the new function remind you that from practically the beginning of video games, the productions were focused on playing together.

Group live broadcasts enter "Twitch"
Group live broadcasts enter “Twitch”

The beauty of playing together has motivated the platform to implement the Squad Stream, which is a quick and easy way to share live broadcasts in one window (for up to four streamers). There is no denying that this type of novelty can be a great solution especially when playing in battle royale or when broadcasting board games. Observing the movements of each player from the team can bring with them a lot of excitement and satisfaction with watching.

Group live broadcasts twitch
Group live broadcasts twitch

Squad Stream is also a unified community of several streamers in the chat and the possibility of expanding the audience. Subscribers receive a better insight into the action or also an option to support all transmitters at the same time. The creator, in turn, has more room for communication when it comes to communication with several communities at once.

The Squad Stream can be used primarily by Partners – this option is already available to them from the control panel. The launch date of innovations for “regular” streamers has not yet been announced.

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