Google Chrome will receive a “focus mode”. The novelty went to the test release, but it does not work

A “focus mode” will soon appear in Google Chrome. This is indicated by recent changes in the application code, which the Softpedia service notes. Although the details are not known at the moment and the new feature can not be tested in practice, its presence can already be seen on the list of experimental options in the test release of Chrome Canary.

The description shows that it will be a function reserved only for desktop browser releases. Already, nothing stands in the way to enable it by changing the flag # focus-mode, but in practice it does not bring any visible effect. Implementation is therefore at an early stage, and therefore we will get to know the details soon.

Focus mode can be related to blocking the display of notifications, or – just like the reading mode in the Edge browser – to help display online publications without unnecessary graphics and colored backgrounds, making it easier to read longer content.

Focus mode in Windows 10

Speaking of the focus mode, it’s worth taking into account the Windows 10 options. The settings of the Focus, which can be found in the new settings view starting from the April update, allow you to specify times or situations in which the system should mute notifications from selected applications. Then notifications are sent to the Action Center, but they are not displayed in the form of a notification that protrudes from the side of the screen.

This solution allows you to block distracting notifications while playing, watching movies in full-screen mode or, finally, during the presentation. An interesting fact is the ability to set different priorities, which allows you to display some notifications, regardless of what the user is doing at the moment.

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