Generating a secure password ? Best Practices

Let me show you in this new year few examples how to generate secure passwords, most of the users do not know that using 5 – 6 words easy to guess passwords exposes them to hackers, that kind of short passwords are easy to guess by automatic tools which hackers using day by day scanning social media accounts, websites and other “www” places, and exposes you to lose credit card numbers, personal data and finnally your money .. etc.

What is the best and secure password ?

The best password is long (10 – 15) characters with contain special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, also the good practice is to use different password on every website, so let say different password for your email account, different password for facebook account , youtube account etc.

What is the best tool to generate secure nonbreakable password ?

I’m using LastPass Password Manager for generating secure passwords, it easy to use and it is free! I’m using chrome and LastPass is available as chrome extension, it is available for download in chrome webstore.

Last Pass Chrome Extension

How to generate secure password in LastPass

I will show you how to do this in Chrome Extension, if you have installed LastPass click at the right top tab on LastPass Icon and select “Generate Secure Password

as I said before the best is to use long password with 12 – 15 characters, by clicking on Advanced Options you have few options to select to make your password more secure…by adding special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers, click few times on this icon

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and if you think password looks good you can use them, if you wanna copy password to copyboard click “Copy Password”.

I hope this short article will help you and protect you from hacking your account.

That’s all for today ! Hope you like my work ! If you need some help contact with me via social media (I’m on twitter, or instagram) or via email, if I will find some free time you can be sure that I will answer you ! Bye 🙂

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