Facebook does not care about our data. Another huge data leak has been revealed

Two servers found in the Amazon cloud were found in the network, where more than 540 million records related to Facebook were stored, which were collected by two external companies.

At the moment, it is difficult to estimate how large the number of users affected by the leak is, but it can be even hundreds of millions.

Both servers were discovered earlier this year by security specialists from UpGuard, a company specializing in the identification of data leaks.

The first server belonged to Cultura Colectiva, a Mexican media platform operating in Spanish-speaking Latin American countries. There were collected 146 GB records containing user account names, Facebook identifiers, comments, tastes, reactions and other data used to analyze social media channels and user interaction.

The second AWS server stored data recorded in the game “At the Pool”. These included details such as Facebook user ID, friend list on Facebook, likes, photos, groups and user preferences, such as movies, music, books, interests, and 22,000 entries. Fortunately, the passwords are presumably intended for the application, not for the user account on Facebook.

The servers were very poorly secured, and in addition, the companies that managed them did not respond to messages from the explorers of the leak.

The steps were taken only after UpGuard notified the Bloomberg reporter about the problem, which in turn contacted Facebook.

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